June 16, 2024

It took me quite some time to figure out that I needed to get myself a baby change table that would serve two purposes a diaper changing station a place where I could keep all the extra stuff. Several Australian styles deserve a particular eye for their quality and safety design. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best baby change tables with drawers available in Australia.

6 Chest of Drawers and Change Table

Price:AUD $550

.Material:Solid wood
.Drawers:Three spacious drawers
.Safety:Includes a changing tray with a secure fit
.Design:Classic style, available in multiple finishes
.Additional Info:Converts into a regular chest of drawers after the baby grows out of diapers.

Durable construction
Multi-functional with long-term use
Elegant design fits various nursery themes

High price point
Assembly required

Baby Dressing Table with Mirror with Chair

Price: AUD $240

.Material:Sustainable Australian pine wood
.Drawers:Three smooth-glide drawers
.Safety:Anti-tip kit included, non-toxic finish
.Design:Modern, sleek design
.Additional Info:Removable changing tray


Eco-friendly materials
Stylish and modern design
Versatile, converts to a dresser


Limited color options

Beata baby Change Table with 6 chests of Drawers


.Material:Solid beech wood
.Drawers:2 open shelves, with 6 drawer
.Safety:Sturdy and stable construction
.Design:Minimalist and functional
.Additional Info:Affordable and easy to assemble


Simple and practical design
Easy to customize with additional inserts

Basic design might not suit all tastes
Fever drawers compared to other models

Baby Change Table with 7 chests of Drawers


.Material:Australian plantation timber
.Drawers:Three large drawers
.Safety:Non-toxic finishes, change tray included
.Design:Timeless design with a modern touch
.Additional Info:Matching nursery furniture available

High-quality materials
Stylish and functional
Long-lasting and versatile

High cost
the assembly might be complex

Considerations When Choosing a Baby Change Table

When selecting a baby change table with drawers, consider the following factors:

  1. Safety:Ensure the table has safety features such as secure change trays and non-toxic finishes. Stability is crucial to prevent tipping.
    2. Storage:Evaluate the storage capacity. More drawers and compartments mean better organization for baby essentials.
    3. Material:Opt for sturdy, high-quality materials like solid wood to ensure durability.
    4. Design:Choose a design that complements your nursery decor and can adapt as your child grows.
    5. Price:Balance between quality and budget. Higher-priced models often offer better materials and features but ensure they fit your financial plan.


At the moment, the Australian market offers the most quality baby change tables with drawers that are both safe and functional, as well as combine the element of style to suit the preferences of many potential customers. Eliminating the fuss about affordable, sustainable, and trendy: how to pick the right baby nursery furniture? You would want a changing table that can offer you the comfort and the right amount of safety through the most important years of your little one’s life.

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