June 16, 2024
Laminate Designs

Choosing the right surface solution can be a delicate balancing act of long-lasting, trendy, and cost-effective options. When it comes to creating our interior-oriented furnishings, we give them more of our time and attention since we wish them to imitate our unique stylishness and desire. They get to be an aspect of who we are.

But, with so many surface options for customers, how can we know which one to choose? Is it veneers that will work finest for our insides? Is it made of solid wood? Is it better to use laminates? We’ll speak as to the reason behind decorative laminates sweeping the design industry and why they’re among the greatest alternatives for surfaces today.

Laminates are one-of-a-kind materialistic objects that are both sturdy and versatile. It’s made by pressing films of durable kraft papers together with resin. After that, a thin ornamental layer is applied. The benefit of using laminates is that it allows producers to print virtually any attractive design—the options are virtually unlimited.

Let’s know why these laminates are so trendy:

Reduced maintenance:

Laminates are very tinted and scrape-resistant when compared to solid wood. They require very little upkeep and are simple to clean. To keep the laminate surfaces looking new, all you must do is buff them with a moist microfiber rag on a constant basis. As far as the laminating pieces are not exposed to directly falling sun rays, they will retain their new appearance for longer years. As a result, they’re a good investment.

Applied to a wide range:

Laminate furniture may be customized to have a solid wood finish for a portion of the price. They can be manufactured in any solid colour, web art, and come in non-glossy, high-gloss, suede, and other finishes to suit your demands.

Flame retardant

Laminate products obtain flame retardants type 2 as a result of the production process. This makes them ideal for highly crowded locations such as waiting rooms, kitchens, and restaurants

Antibacterial characteristics:

Antibacterial properties can be added to laminates during the production process. These sturdy laminates, for example, can be loaded with Silver Nano Technology, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and makes them more sterile and safer to use.

Increased long-term worth:

The  laminate manufacturer  uses an industrial method to produce a product that is extremely robust and tough, allowing it to resist a demanding working atmosphere, hence boosting the protected surfaces’ lifetime value. When contrast to plywood and solid wood goods, these laminates are sturdier and have stress, moisture, and heat.


Laminate surfaces are extremely adaptable and practical. They have a stylish appearance while protecting furnishings and upholstery from scrapes, tumbles, heat, and general tearing. To learn what sort of laminate type to select for your sides, you can easily search your desired kinds that go well with your taste and look through our catalogue.

Five varied types of Laminates

Laminates with a matte look:

These laminates are widely used for kitchen slabs and other carpentry furnishings. These laminated structures have anti-scratch and anti-dust features, which makes the surfaces look more reflective and classier. They are easy to clean, and low maintenance is required as they can be simply spotless and clear with one go of wiping with a damp cloth.

Textured variant of Laminates:

These laminates are specially designed to give your surfaces a look of natural tones such as raw silk, leather, Nappa, stones, rock, etc. These laminates are not recommended in the areas like the kitchen as dust gets easily trapped into them due to their cravings and other detailing. These are rather favourable for places such as closed areas.

Glossy Laminates:

Such laminates can be seen in places such as living rooms, kitchen cabinets and other interiors where you just want to grab the attention of the visitors. They have a glossy touch which makes them look premium and adds beauty to your overall look of the insides.

Laminates with metallic finish:

These  laminates  come in a variety of metallic colours such as copper, bronze, gold, silver, etc. to give your home a sophisticated and rich, sleek appearance

To sum it all, do your research well and choose laminates according to your needs. Century Laminates are undoubtedly the best range of laminates currently available in the Indian market and they offer a huge range of shades, colours and textures to choose from.

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