July 13, 2024
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Are you fed up with gnat infestations in your kitchen? In this article we give you some simple and easy tips to permanently get rid of midges in your home.

What attracts gnats?

Gnats are irritating insects that mostly fly around the kitchen and land on any food there. They are particularly annoying and also disgusting. The gnats multiply especially during the summer because of the heat. These are insects that are not harmful to the health of human beings but are still unpleasant.

Before starting any fight against midges, it is important to know that they particularly appreciate heat , humidity , strong odors and of course food. It is for all these reasons that midges are found in kitchens. In order to prevent them from infesting us and to drive them out of the kitchen, there are some simple actions to take into account and adopt

First, get rid of fruits and vegetables that are moldy or still overripe. What you need to do is to clean and sort your fruits and vegetables. It is important not to leave ripe fruits and vegetables in the open air. It is necessary to regularly think about throwing them away. Rotting fruits and vegetables greatly attract gnats as well as foul-smelling drains.

Regarding the pipe, it is advisable to put a coffee grounds in the sink followed by hot water. This gesture will clean the drain of your kitchen.

Simple but effective actions against gnats

To be able to fight against midges there are simple products with natural and non-toxic ingredients . There are also some recommended products on the site .

You will find all kinds of products there that will help you get rid of them effectively, but it is also important not only to get rid of them but to prevent them from coming back.

For this it is imperative to clean everywhere in the rooms and not only in the kitchen. It is therefore necessary to start redoing a spring cleaning in all the rooms such as the bedroom, the bathrooms, the living room and of course the kitchen. Above all, don’t hesitate to throw away any food that has been kept for several days and is starting to mold. It is mainly overripe and moldy foods that attract gnats.

To complete your fight against midges and keep your house clean, opt for a natural trick that is effective against midges. For example, you can make an Amber apple to scare them away made up of lemon and cloves that you can put in your kitchen, leave the solution in a bowl in the open air and this will scare them away.

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