June 16, 2024
Swimming Pool

Remodeling or resurfacing your pool in Tampa can be an exciting yet complex project, and there are various decisions and options to consider before going ahead. Making the best decisions during the planning stage will help to ensure that you get the swimming pool you envisaged from the start.

Knowing the options that are available and which decisions you need to make can help you to plan more effectively as you seek to resurface and upgrade your swimming pool. Here are some of the things you should consider when working with a pool company in Tampa to resurface your pool.

Choosing a Pool Surface

The type of pool surface is a major decision when resurfacing your pool. There are various options, and it is useful to understand some of the main characteristics and advantages of each. For example, here are some of the options for your pool surface:

  • Marcite Pool Finish: This popular option is one of the most affordable. It can help your pool surface to last 5-7 years and can also be tinted and altered for aesthetic purposes. It has been used for many years as a popular option to plaster pools and ensure the surface is smooth and water resistant. The water in your pool must remain balanced to preserve the marcite finish and retain longevity after the pool resurfacing work. Imbalanced or poor water chemistry can lead to erosion as well as streaking and fading – this can be an issue for people in areas where there is hard water.
  • Polished Aggregate: If you are looking for a pool surface that feels and looks luxurious and can be adapted to suit your preferences, a polished aggregate may be the option for you. Colored quartz or granite flecks can help your pool to increase its longevity and may lengthen the lifespan of your swimming pool by as much as 15-20 years.
  • Pebble Finish: This pool surface can be incredibly durable and look very natural when used in your swimming pool. The rough texture of pebbles is not for everyone, so if you are looking for a smoother and sheen finish, you should consider a more polished option. However, a pebble pool surface can help to withstand staining, chipping, and cracking in the pool, making this a popular choice with people who value durable and hard-wearing qualities.

Deciding on Your Budget

Another important decision you will need to make when resurfacing your pool is how much money you are prepared to spend on this work. Most people will have a set budget that they need to stick to when carrying out pool resurfacing work, so it is critically important to consider this in advance and get several quotes to compare. This can help you to make the best decision and weigh up all the options in the round.

When you contact a pool company in Tampa, ask about prices and get as much information as possible about the options that are available when resurfacing your pool. Knowing more about the current prices and market rates will allow you to set a more accurate budget and work with realistic figures that enable you to get your desired pool surface and your ideal look for the pool.

Finding a Pool Company in Tampa

It can be challenging to find the right pool company in Tampa when resurfacing your pool. You should look for great customer service, effective communications, and high levels of expertise and skill from any company you work with.

Contact the team at JJB Pools and Spas to find out more about the pool surface options and how this could fit within your budget.

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