June 16, 2024

Interior designer on her own for only a year, Rosalie Martin wants to show that designer services are accessible to everyone and that they allow you to design unique pieces without necessarily having to spend more.
The 28-year-old, based in Saguenay, explains that part of her job is to do what is most beneficial for her clients. “I shop a lot, I try to satisfy their needs by paying the right price. Also, I make quotes for my clients and I try to make choices that are good for them from a design point of view but also financially,” explains the designer. If the services of a design professional are a little extra to your budget, they could save you money on other aspects of your project.

According to her, even homeowners with an average income can afford the services of an interior designer; it would be wrong to believe that one must be fortunate to do so.

Rosalie Martin also says that having recourse to a professional allows us to benefit from ideas that we would not have thought of. Then, it helps to have a more organized and ergonomic home.

Finding the perfect ally

There are various ways to find out about designer services. Ms. Martin is mainly approached via her Instagram page. People can find out about her track record and some of the projects she did before contacting her. Then, the process continues with a first meeting. “Clients talk about their inspirations and explain what they want to do. If it’s a new house, I look at the plans. From there, if the submission I made suits them, we start working together, we put the plan in motion, ”says the one who has reoriented herself in a profession that she is really passionate about.

Rosalie Martin notes that it is a process that is still quite long. His first major project, a new house built in Laterrière, took several months to be fully completed. “We made changes to the plan, just for the facing of the hearth, we had to change ideas eight times. Also, choosing a bath adapted to people’s needs may seem simple, but it is not. So, there are several things like that that make creating a house can take time. »

Also, with the pandemic, the deadlines are longer because the entrepreneurs are all very busy. The designer warns that you have to plan ahead to have a good plan and that everything is well coordinated to achieve the desired project, on time.

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