June 16, 2024
The profession of interior decorator

The profession of interior decorator is a growing profession based on creativity but also on technical skills. To help you understand what this profession consists of and what are its interests for individuals and professionals, we first looked at the missions of the decorator and differentiated it from other professions operating in the same field. We have therefore reviewed its role and specific responsibilities. Each of his missions has been listed and explained in detail. After reviewing the different statuses available and the professional opportunities for this profession, we have defined the skills necessary to become an interior decorator. after a coordinated school career or in the context of professional retraining. By browsing this site, you will discover the different stages of an interior decoration project or the main fields of intervention during a rearrangement or redevelopment. This mini-guide ends with a retrospective of the market and a spotlight on the main indicators that surround this exciting profession. The extensive information at your disposal will answer all your questions about the profession of interior decorator .interior decorator job.

Introduction to the profession of interior decorator

The role of the interior decorator is not only to sublimate a room by bringing charm and character to it. This space design professional reveals the potential of each volume by harmonizing the materials and giving priority to luminosity. Unlike the interior designer, he cannot undertake work that could influence the solidity of the building. During the complete renovation of a property, he manages the finishes and brings the final touch.
The duties of the interior designer

The interior decorator intervenes when the structure of the building does not have to be touched. Its role is to advise, to give an objective opinion on the aesthetics of the place, taking into account the desires, tastes and priorities of its customers. After the visit of the property and a first interview with the owners, the professional carries out a precise study and quantifies his intervention. His skills are therefore both technical and artistic. He will take measurements, select samples and imagine possible improvements according to the needs but especially the budget of his client.The duties of the interior designer

What to expect from the intervention of the interior design professional?

The main objective during the intervention of an interior decorator is to bring comfort and a new identity to a soulless room. Because he knows how to combine materials and colors while respecting the architectural style, the professional delivers targeted and personalized advice. It allows you to visualize the final result on sketches and 3D plans and facilitates the realization of the work by proposing for example a list of qualified craftsmen. Its role is not to implement but to plan.

Related trades: differences and characteristics

Several trades are similar to that of interior decorator .
The interior designer is a qualified professional responsible for the layout and decoration of a place. Breaking a partition or adding one can be part of his mission.
The space designer arranges each interior by optimizing the available space. Its offer is aimed at both individuals and managers of businesses or professional premises.

The decorator intervenes in private and professional environment to bring an aesthetic added value to a property. Trained in a specialized school, he holds the keys to give the desired style to an urban or rural place, built in the old or new.

Decorate a place of residence

The specialist in decorative techniques practices his art in private dwellings: houses and apartments. He arranges, redevelops, arranges and harmonizes the housing in its entirety or takes charge of only one part of the dwelling: the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom… His mission here is to create a aesthetic and functional cocoon ideal for the occupants of the premises.

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