July 13, 2024

Both useful for preventing dirt and dust from your soles from entering your home, the doormat is equally practical in terms of home decor. On the market, you will have the opportunity to find a wide range of them to choose from. To find the type of doormat that suits you best, know that the internet is full of models to choose from.

The usefulness of a doormat

Depending on where your doormat is located (outdoors or as an indoor rug), its use can be more or less different. So that you know what a doormat is used for, know that it can be used in many ways. For example, there is the ability to absorb moisture and brush the soles of shoes against all the dirt coming from the outside. Speaking of which, do you know that a person passes in the 0.58 grams per day of dust in his home. If you put on a doormat, that’s one less cleaning you don’t have to do.

In terms of décor, a doormat can double as a rug that goes perfectly with your decor. It can even be encountered as an additional windbreaker at the doorstep.

doormat making materials

There are currently countless materials when it comes to doormat manufacturing:

Coconut fibre: this is the traditional material for making doormats. It is taken, of course, from coconuts, hence its specific texture and brown color. It resists humidity well. However, it should not be cleaned in a machine or something like that at the risk of damaging it;

Cotton fiber  : it is a little messy, but easy to wash. This type of fiber has the particularity of having a good absorbent capacity;

Nylon fiber  : this fiber is resistant and effective in removing dust from the soles of shoes. As for its ability to absorb moisture, it leaves little to be desired;

Polypropylene fibre  : if you are looking for a good material without going over your budget, this is the ideal solution;

Needled fibre  : Its ability to remove dirt is impressive. In addition, it absorbs moisture well;

Stainless steel  : this material is generally associated with rubber or strips of felt. It is often placed at the entrance for a more modern style;

Rubber  : this type of doormat often features a grid shape. This is an outdoor doormat. Since rubber is a rather resistant material (wear, humidity, etc.), you just have to hit it to remove dirt without fear of damaging the state of the doormat. As for cleaning, in addition to being easy to dry, rubber is a material that washes easily;

Cast iron: for a more sober and classy doormat, opt for this one . Besides, it is a perfect decorative equipment.

Its shape : it can be the classic rectangular one. Otherwise, you can also find the half-moon shaped ones;

Its size : this criterion depends essentially on the use you intend for it. For example, for an entrance doormat, make sure it is the same width as the latter. If used as a carpet, its size will depend on the desired aesthetic result. Only, it is better that it is large enough to do its job well;

His style : there are several possible fields of action when it comes to style. We can talk about the color, the patterns, the message written. You even have the opportunity to bring your personal touch in the case of personalized models.

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